Thursday, October 22, 2009


Welcome to Florida Survival !

Florida Survival was created to allow survivalist and outdoor enthusiast from the state of Florida and the south east to network and exchange information. Here at Florida Survival we welcome our fellow bloggers and viewers to contribute any information that they see valuable to being better prepared. This can range from How To articles, your movies from youtube or announcing a meet/greet camp out in your area.

This blog is a means for all like minded people in Florida to communicate freely with out the constraints of a web forum. The only moderation will be to ensure that your comments, and articles are family safe and survival related.

To help you get started please our other sites across the web-

and of course our

PAW productions blog here on blogger
and our youtube channel where you will find most of our information in movie format.

So if you want something posted here be it a meet/greet or blog entry
please email us at



  1. Awesome site, congrats! Nice to find a FRIENDLY Florida site where people REALLY want to learn, network, etc. Great job!

  2. Roger that! Thanks BOB for making this possible....I;m sure your going to have tons of questions from others and including myself!

    Can't wait to see some of the new ideo productions you got planned!