Thursday, October 29, 2009

BOL where?

"Enjoy the site, thanks. I was wondering what part of the sunshine state did you feel would be the best place to established a bug out location at or to bug out to." Jack

Hello Jack, Thanks for the question. Florida has a lot going for it now as far as a place to live. However it has a lot going AGAINST it when you consider a TSHTF type situation. High population density, dozens upon dozens of nuclear targets, very little agricultural base, a largely urban and system dependent population, all of these are just a few of the things going against Florida as a retreat location. That being said, the only areas I personally would consider would near- didn't say IN- the Ocala National Forest in the center of the state and the north central section of the state far enough away from Tallahassee and far enough away from Jacksonville, PREFERABLY above Interstate 10. If I-10 was shut down, closed, blocked, etc. no one could leave the state by vehicle or foot. Something to consider in Florida. That's the short, sweet, simple answer :)

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