Thursday, February 10, 2011

Survival hike

Southeast survival forum hike

Ok folks here we go again.

Central Florida, Ocala national Forest. Florida trail

Dates- Mid March. dates are the 18-20th. hike dates are 19-20th ( sat -sunday)

Distance- total 10-24

Terrain- Sand scrub,pine flats,oak hammocks

Weather- Right Now expect anything from 90f to 30f avg for that time is 50-72f.


The hike will start at juniper springs and continue on the FT. There are several camping areas we will be able to use during the trip, the majority with water sources near by. Base camp is normally at the midway point and manned by a team of folks that know the AO , and are like minded. This also allows for people to stop by and meet/greet others from their AO, or to day hike in or out to the main hiking group as they wish. In other words people can come and go as they want, or camp as they want ( car camp/hike).

Base camp location will be posted once the exact trail plan is laid out.

There is no other requirements. Just make sure you have your gear squared away and are ready to walk! These hikes are very easy, there is no set pace, no speed, nothing crazy. We have a wide variety of folks that attend these gatherings. From teenagers to senior citizens to wives/girl friends.

Here is some FAQ that seems to come up a lot-

Is this an event- No. There is no forum affiliation with this hike. It is a multi- forum hike and always has been. The goal being to get folks to network and push their limits and get beyond single forum tunnel vision.

is there a water source- Yes. Bring a filter or tablets, as on trail its in the form of lakes,rivers,marsh

Where can we park ,is it secured- Yes parking at juniper is secured but will cost a day use fee. This will be posted once i update(it has changed 3 times since last years) but avgs between 5-10$ per car.

Can i bring my kids- yes, but remember we will be walking close to 5-10 miles the 1st day. Be considerate of the other hikers , this is why there is the base camp, and shorter day hike options.

do you know the way-
Yes. I have been hosting survival hikes twice a year in the ONF since 2003, most of the base campers know the AO very well, as do several of the core hikers.If we get lost its because we got sucked into a worm hole or black hole and spit out in la la land.

What kind of gear should i have-
food,water and shelter. A water filter and tablets is a must(if all you have is tablets im sure someone will loan a filter if need be), decent sleep gear, plan on 40f and hotter . Good,broke in shoes,and socks. Food, of your choice. Backpack of your choice.

Are firearms allowed-
This is my take on it and how i will conduct this camp. Follow all state,local and federal laws for the AO that this hike is being done at. No gun play. Again, follow the law. But use commonsense to ensure your safety. Not to sound harsh, but waving around your new desert eagle and being unsafe may lend you to be hiking alone real fast ! I dont tolerate stupidity with firearms at my events. If you want range time there is a range on FR88, your welcome to use it. To be short, KNOW the law,follow it and remember this IS NOT a full battle rattle type of event!

If anyone has any other questions please post them up or contact me via IM/email @

I will update base camp info and dates once they are set in stone.


  1. Yes, you can count me in!! I have been looking for some others who would be interested in a local Central Florida meetup and I even created this group at to help me better organize local events. Please do sign up so we can keep updated on local events at